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Her Power List is the Premier Business Directory for women-led businesses. We work every day to bring value to the market by exposing potential customers and clients to women who are top notch in their industries. And we work hard to bring value to customers by providing a rating system and opportunities to share their experiences with other visitors to Her Power List. This is how #weallwin!  

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  Pretty Girls Own Property: Your Guide to Reducing Real Estate Intimidation was written to make sure that readers prepare financially, mentally and emotionally prior to making the decision get into real estate - whether as a buyer, seller or investor. Decisions need a firm foundation just like houses do! Preparation + information are building blocks in that solid foundation.
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The #UnvendorDecember event in December 2018, showcased over 20 women-owned businesses in Broward County, FL and brought in over 100 members of the local community! That's how #weallwin
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